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81. The Emperor Who’s Searching for People

Although it was very smooth when Shu Shu helped Reynolds to turn into a human, but he was not sure at all whether others could also be the same. As an inexperienced daemon who had never exchanged any cultivation insights with other daemons, he, for all that, could only fumble around himself. Naturally, he also did not dare to guarantee. 
"I'm not sure if I can succeed or not, you know? You also have to work hard yourself." Before getting down to business, Shu Shu emphasized this with the leopard several times.
The leopard Bauer initially nodded in agreement, but after a few times, he got more and more anxious and eventually could not help but write on the ground, "Is it dangerous?"
"No, it’s actually not dangerous." Shu Shu said.
Not dangerous? Bauer’s leopard face showed a pleasantly surprised expression, and his eyes were bright. He had been well-prepared to run into danger and even to lose his life. A fallen beast wanting to become a beastman again was not a simple matter at all. As a result . . . it was not dangerous?
It was not only the leopard Bauer who was very surprised, but other fallen beasts who had hung around Shu Shu recently were also particularly surprised when they heard this sentence. They all looked at Shu Shu with their eyes wide open.
Even if Shu Shu was already used to so many fallen beasts staring at himself, but he still felt a lot of pressure and subconsciously repeated once again, "I don't guarantee that you’ll be able to become a beastman."
"It’s alright! It doesn’t matter." The leopard Bauer comforted Shu Shu in turn.
Other fallen beasts, one after another, also wrote:
"Shu Shu, rest assured that it’s fine even if you fail."
"That’s right, we’re willing to wait!"
"You’re the best!"
. . . . . .

For a time, the sandy ground was full of words, and Shu Shu was unable to put up with it any longer.
Edgar, carrying the little snake on his head, approached Shu Shu and then swept clean all the words around with a stroke of his tail. The pressure released from his body was even more deadly, making the surrounding fallen beasts unconsciously retreat a few steps and tuck their tails between their legs.
"Edgar, let's get started." Shu Shu said as he gave Edgar a pat.
Edgar nodded and encircled Shu Shu, but he ignored the leopard Bauer.
"Bauer, you come in!" Shu Shu, encircled by Edgar, beckoned to the leopard.
The leopard Bauer’s tail was tucked between his legs, and his head drooped, nearly touching the ground. He somewhat didn’t dare to approach Edgar, but in order to have a chance to become a human, he still endured in the end. He nimbly leapt forward into the circle formed by the big snake and then, legs soft, fell directly on the ground.
The pressure from Edgar’s body was really too strong. An ordinary beastman like him always felt a little unbearable . . . . The leopard Bauer was just going to get up when he was suddenly covered by something. He stared blankly for a moment before realizing that it was a blanket.
Why did this snake beastman suddenly give him a blanket? The leopard Bauer was at a loss somewhat, but then he remembered one thing—when they, beastmen, turn into humans, they were stark naked.
Was the beastman afraid that his sub-beastman would see his naked body? The leopard Bauer plucked the blanket with his claws and wrapped himself better.
At this time, Shu Shu, like when he treated Reynolds before, took out some eggshell powder for him and made him eat it.
The eggshell powder was dry, and it stuck to the palate a little when being swallowed, but the leopard Bauer quickly used his tongue to draw it all into his mouth.
After this stuff was down in his stomach, he at once felt his body heat up, and his whole person seemed to be undergoing astonishing changes. Right at this moment, Shu Shu touched his head, and a current of energy entered his body, which seemed to enable him to see the inside of his body.
His body was absolutely empty, and the place where the beast core should have been was now containing nothing . . . . He wished to recover his beast core, and he wished he could become a beastman again.
He was thinking this way when he suddenly felt that there was an energy coming to the place that originally contained his beast core. Then a beast core slowly formed in that place . . . .
The leopard Bauer sensed this thing, but he was somewhat blank. His whole person was still in a daze and did not dare to ascertain whether this was true or not. Shu Shu was different though; this time he clearly perceived how the beast core re-appeared in the end.
The beastmen were born with beast cores, which were part of them. In the past, after the fallen beasts lost their beast cores, they could not regenerate a new one, and this was because they did not have enough energy. But now with him boosting their energy and with the spiritual power helping them heal their wounds, the beast core was able to re-appear.
He used the method of making beast servants to help these fallen beasts, but in practice, the situation was actually quite different. After all, fallen beasts were not daemons who just opened their spiritual wisdom.
They were not forced to rush their transformations into human forms; they merely restored their original appearances, that’s all . . . . With the spiritual power helping them restore their health and supplying them with energy, and with them being able to consume the eggshell of a mythological animal, wanting to accomplish this goal was actually not difficult at all.
The leopard covered by a blanket slowly became a human figure.
Shu Shu took back his hand with a happy expression across his whole face. Even so, Edgar rolled him back into the dugout.
"Edgar, what’re you doing?" Shu Shu looked at Edgar with some dissatisfaction. This time the leopard was fully covered, ah. Why did Edgar still take him away?
Wasn’t it to stop those fallen beasts from staring at and eyeing his own sub-beastman covetously? Edgar used his tail tip to write on Shu Shu's hand, "I want to ask you about the specific process."
"It turns out to be this." Shu Shu nodded and began to talk excitedly.
Edgar listened very seriously, but the little snake was completely unable to make sense of what he was hearing. He felt bored and crawled to Shu Shu, but before he climbed Shu Shu’s body, he was swept up by Edgar with his tail and then stuffed into the bag made of a bath towel.
Comfortably warm inside the bag, it did not take long for the little snake to fall asleep after going in and lying down. And after Shu Shu told Edgar the whole process, he was also coaxed by Edgar to sleep.
But none of the fallen beasts outside slept.
When it was only Reynolds alone who recovered, it might be that he was just lucky, so they did not dare to hold out too much hope. But now, besides Reynolds, Bauer had also recovered!
They could surely recover too!
These fallen beasts were happy, but there was nowhere to vent their feelings. One of the wolves could not help opening his mouth to howl, but a fallen beast at his side slapped him and immediately interrupted the howl that he had not uttered yet.
The fallen beast looked indignantly at the friend who had hit him. He was about to get angry when he suddenly realized that if he shouted now, it would probably disturb Shu Shu’s rest. So he immediately closed his mouth firmly.
A huge group of beasts unexpectedly didn’t make any noise when they moved around. Ian, watching this scene, sighed a little and then turned round, planning to find Jones to prepare a meal.
He could not find Jones, though . . . . Ian looked around in a circle and found that not only could he not find Jones, even Reynolds was also missing. He did not know whether they were hiding somewhere to get intimate with each other or not.
Seeing this situation, Ian also didn’t feel like making complicated food. He cooked a bowl of soup and took out a piece of dried meat to simply filled his stomach.
Several fallen beasts gathered together in front of Ian while he was eating. They argued and fought over to give Ian some "collections" liberated from their space buttons, which included a bottle of beverage, some snacks, and a game console. In addition, there were even a few jars of sauce, and it was unclear whether they had expired or not.
These people were currying favor with him in order to make Shu Shu help them, but their demeanor actually reminded Ian of Chris.
When he had a conflict with Chris, Chris would also gift him with all kinds of gadgets. Also . . . he used to be very popular in the army, and there were many men who would give him things like this. Later, those men were driven away by Chris. But now Chris was not here, so there was no one to drive people away . . . .
He used to think that Chris doing such a thing was very annoying, but now, did not know why, he actually missed it a little.

Smiling at these fallen beasts, Ian accepted those stuff and put them aside, planning to ask Shu Shu later whether he wanted them or not. Afterwards, he raised his head and looked up at the sky. Them crashing onto the Fallen Beast Planet could be considered as fortunate for them. It was just that they did not know if Chris could find them. Did they have to stay here for a year?
When Ian was thinking of Chris, Chris was also thinking about Ian.
After leaving the capital star to chase after Jonathan, Chris never returned. His sub-beastman and his child and also his unborn grandchild all disappeared into that destroyed wormhole, life or death unknown. Under such circumstances, did he still have a mood to return to the capital star?
The amount of reward offered for finding people already broke the record. He also specially spent money to open up the military emergency communication channel to notify the remote planets and to enable people to give him information via this channel. But even then, there was still no information coming.
The two spaceships that entered the wormhole seemed to disappear into thin air.
Chris stood in the main control room of the spaceship; his expression cold and detached, his face ugly, and the dark circles under his eyes plain to see since long ago.
"Your Majesty, you should go take a rest first." Calvin said to Chris. He was Jonathan’s son; he was being detained by Chris these days and was not allowed to leave this ship. Even so, it did not make him angry but instead made him feel very guilty.
His mother had done such things; Chris not killing him was already very lenient.
Chris was formerly very fond of Calvin, a young man who was the same age as his son. He often helped Calvin and would even give him a lot of pocket money every year, but now he could not help but feel disgusted when he saw Calvin. Hearing Calvin’s words, he merely glanced at Calvin coldly.
Calvin was aware of this and only smiled bitterly. Upon seeing this, the Duke of Mund, who was also being detained just like Calvin, showed a bitter smile too.
He had long known that Jonathan did not like him but liked Chris instead. They were husband and wife, and he loved Jonathan deeply. It was impossible for him to not be able to see it.
He certainly knew that Jonathan liked Chris, but he did not expect that Jonathan would actually be so crazy . . . . If Chris could not find Ian and the others, or if he found them but discovered that something bad had happened to them . . . . The Duke of Mund believed that Chris would most likely take him and Calvin down with himself.
Because of this, he had thought about helping his son to escape, but unexpectedly, his son was actually unwilling to do it . . . . He originally had not had one hundred percent assurance of being able to send Calvin away, so after Calvin refused, he simply gave up this idea and just took it one day at a time.
He only hoped that Jonathan could let Ian and the others go after he had secured his own safety.
The Duke of Mund thought this way, and so did Chris.
Although he faintly felt that Jonathan would not be willing to let people go, but he could only think in the right direction now, otherwise he definitely wouldn’t be able to bear it.
The fleet was advancing rapidly in the starry sky, and various kinds of scanning devices were all activated regardless of how much energy they consumed, searching for everything in the surroundings. From time to time, some spaceship fragments floating in the universe were salvaged, and then their composition was analyzed.
Some scientists analyzed the composition of the spaceship as well as the composition of some meteorites while constantly doing calculations to figure out where the spaceship that passed through the wormhole went.
Through the composition of meteorites, they had figured out where that wormhole led to and had even dispatched some people over, but now . . . .
Jonathan had fired an artillery shell after entering the wormhole, which completely ruined the wormhole, and now no one knew where it ultimately led to . . . .
"That Jonathan fired an artillery shell after entering the wormhole. This is wanting to take the empress down with him . . ." One scientist could not help but say. He was thinking that the empress had most likely met with disaster.
"Don't say it." The person beside him reminded him. His Imperial Majesty definitely didn’t want to hear such words. They just had to find those people.
The scientist who spoke first stopped talking. Just now, another piece of spaceship fragment was salvaged, and the assistant deftly put it into the machine.
They had done this countless times and did not hold any hope, but unexpectedly, the instrument suddenly started to beep at this moment.
Chris' private spaceship used one kind of alloy that had come out of research not long ago, and the composition of this fragment was exactly the same as that alloy. Not to mention that the spaceships that used this kind of alloy in the entire Beastman Empire were currently only a few, those spaceships were also still in good condition and had never been damaged.
In other words, this fragment was very likely to belong to Chris' private spaceship!
The spaceship was broken; could the people inside still live?
The scientists quickly reported the news to their superiors, but their hearts sank.
Such news was not good news.
When the fleet at last salvaged the spaceship fragment, on the Fallen Beast Planet, after the leopard Bauer, who finally turned into a human and was wrapped in a blanket, ran excitedly for a long time, he suddenly changed back into a leopard uncontrollably.
What happened to him? He should not have had a problem, right? The leopard Bauer was stunned and tried to turn into a human again. Unfortunately, he tried several times without success. When he was worrying that something was wrong, he inexplicably turned back into a human.
This feeling was the same as when he was a child . . . . This regression of the beast core was just like when he was a child and could not control his own change?
The leopard Bauer gave it a try and discovered that as long as he was tired, he would change into his beast form uncontrollably. It seemed that . . . he really became the same as when he was a child.


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