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65. It’s Time to Do Prenatal Education

Shu Shu felt his stomach hurt, and there was even a feeling of being split open, especially in the back. Fortunately, although it hurt, but he could still endure it, and because something finally came out, he also felt much more relaxed. 
However, although he felt relaxed, he felt ashamed as well . . . . He actually relieved himself while being held by Edgar. Furthermore, it seemed like some fluid fell on Edgar’s body . . . .
Wait a minute, this situation of his seemed to be a bit wrong . . . .
"What the heck happened to me?" Shu Shu couldn't help but ask. It appeared that his condition was very different from having the common diarrhea?
"You . . . gave birth to an egg." Edgar were just being intimate with Shu Shu a moment ago, and the body was still bare. Now his body and the bed were covered with mucus, and the whole person looked very discomfited.
However, he simply couldn't deal with these things. All his attention was fixed on the egg, and his hands, which were always steady, couldn't help but start to shake.
This was the egg born of Shu Shu. Shu Shu gave birth to an egg for him!
This was his child!
It was not that long since he knew that he had a child, and now the child was actually born . . . .
Everything came without warning. Edgar simply didn’t know what kind of expression he should have. For a time, the whole person was stiff.
"It’s born that fast? It's so easy!" Shu Shu also saw the egg at this moment and was pleasantly surprised somewhat. He thought he would suffer pain for a long, long time just like a woman did when giving birth to a child. He didn't expect that his delivery would be so fast. If it was just like this, then it didn't matter if he gave birth to a few more, ah!
"Yeah." Edgar nodded, expressing his approval. It was really very fast and completely different from what he had imagined. It usually took a few hours for a sub-beastman to deliver the egg, ah. Many sub-beastmen even had a Caesarean section delivery.
And Shu Shu? When they were in the middle of doing it, he said that he was going to have diarrhea, and then he gave birth to the child in a flash!
Wait, in the middle of doing it? Would such a thing corrupt the child?
Edgar showed a stupid expression, and when Shu Shu saw him like this, he gave him a kick. "My butt hurt!" His rear was very painful, and by looking at the wisps of blood coating the egg, he knew that his rear had definitely split! It was strange that Edgar did not continue giving him the spiritual power!

Shu Shu was naked from head to foot, but at this moment, Edgar, seeing said body, was without any notion and only felt distressed—Shu Shu was bleeding!
It was all his fault. He actually let Shu Shu give birth to the child at home and forgot to give him the spiritual power afterwards . . . .
Edgar immediately inputted his spiritual power into Shu Shu. With the nourishment of the spiritual power, Shu Shu’s lacerations from "having diarrhea" became good right away. After Shu Shu did not hurt anymore, he finally had time to go see the egg he gave birth to.
The egg Shu Shu birthed out was not big at all; it could even be said that it was a little small. It was as big as his two fists together, and it was not round but a little pointed instead.
But even so, this egg was already quite big . . . .
"I’m actually so amazing and could birth out such a big egg. Compared to the egg, your dick’s a little small." Shu Shu looked at the egg a little ruefully and then looked at Edgar again.
Edgar: ". . ."

"Unfortunately, mine’s even smaller . . . ai . . ." Shu Shu once again showed a disappointed look while thinking of another thing. "Can you bathe this egg?" On top of being bloodstained, it was also covered with mucus. Although it looked very nice, but it was really quite dirty . . . . Right, he and Edgar had to take a bath too.

"You can't bathe it. I’ll wipe it clean!" Edgar immediately said. Shu Shu was inexperienced and did not know how to take care of the egg. He, however, knew that a recently born egg certainly couldn’t be bathed.

Ordering 006 to go find something to wipe the egg, Edgar very carefully picked up the egg on the bed . . . . The feeling of blood connection completely made him feel that the egg in his arms was the cutest and the prettiest egg in this world. He could not help but kiss it a few times.
Seeing Edgar's actions, Shu Shu  widened his eyes in surprise and ultimately couldn't help but say, "You kissed the egg, so don't come to kiss me again." Considering that the egg was currently very dirty!

Edgar: ". . ." Did you dislike your own child so much?
006 soon brought a clean plain white cloth. At this time, Edgar had cleaned up the room and given himself a simple wash.

Gently wiping the mucus off the egg, the true color of the egg was slowly  revealed.
It was a white egg, and there was nothing extraordinary with its appearance, but when Edgar looked at it, it was with a rather infatuated gaze. He grew this big, and this was the first time he saw such a pretty egg . . . .
"Why’s the egg so pointed at both ends? It looks weird." Shu Shu couldn't help saying.
Edgar originally wanted to agree with Shu Shu, but this was his egg . . . . Edgar hated to speak bad of his own egg, so he immediately replied, "All eggs are like this. This one’s already very pretty."

"Compared with chicken eggs, it looks different." Shu Shu knitted his brows and then hugged the egg.
This egg gave him a very intimate feeling, and thus Shu Shu inevitably had a favorable impression on the egg, so much so that he was very reluctant to put it down.
Residing inside this egg was his child, a child whom he had longed for for hundreds of years! He had to raise him well later!
Of course, before that, he still had other thing that needed to be done. "I’m hungry." 

The sky was already dark, but Shu Shu was hungry and wanted to eat, so of course Edgar could not let him starve!
Edgar immediately gave the chef in the Imperial palace a call and had him prepare a meal.
"Yes, Your Imperial Highness, I’ll do it right away." The chef promptly replied. He had been working in the Imperial palace for a long time, and this was the first time he was ordered to cook in the middle of the night, so he had to perform well.
The meal this time should be prepared for the crown princess who was pregnant with a child, right? He had to cook all the fine food that the crown princess liked and then serve them to the crown princess.
While Mr. Chef rolled up his sleeves and planned to fully displaying his capabilities, Edgar gave Chris and Ian a call.
Chris and Ian suddenly found out that they had a grandson. They had been too excited that they couldn’t sleep, so they simply huddled together and talked. Talking and talking, and then they were kissing and embracing each other . . . .
As a result, just when they were at that critical juncture, the communication device suddenly rang, and it was Ian’s personal communication device.
"This ringtone . . . It's Edgar’s. Edgar suddenly called in the middle of the night. It won’t be because Shu Shu has encountered some problems, right?" Ian began to worry. Pushing Chris away, he sat up.
Chris' face was dark. "Without rhyme or reason, there’s something the matter? It totally can’t be childbirth."
Ian simply ignored Chris and put through the call directly. Of course, he turned off the video on his own side—he and Chris were still naked!
"Edgar, what happened? Is there any problem?" Ian asked worriedly.
"Mother, Shu Shu has given birth." Edgar said.
"What’re you talking about?" Ian felt he had misheard Edgar’s words.
"Shu Shu has given birth! He has given birth to an egg!" Edgar's voice was full of excitement.
Ian jumped out of the bed at once. He pushed away Chris, who tried to stick to him again, and hurriedly stood up to get dressed.
His grandson was born! At this moment, who still had time to pay attention to Chris, this old man, ah!
Chris’ face darkened after discovering that his own partner’s sight was not focused on him. He could only got up sullenly and began to get dressed as well. "How come he gave birth so fast?" Doing such a thing in the middle of the night, was it not disturbing other people's nightlife?

"It's indeed a bit fast . . ." Ian continued, "Hamsters reproduce very fast and can produce two litters a month. Maybe because Shu Shu has hamster genes, so he gave birth very fast."
"Ai, with Shu Shu having a child, I originally wanted to buy a few things for the baby to use as well as an incubator. It’s all your fault for bothering me, so that I haven’t bought anything in the end!” Ian put on his clothes and gave Chris a brief glare.
In ordinary beastman family, when the child was born, the parents would prepare a lot of things for him. As a result, when their Imperial family’s little prince was born, he actually wasn’t bought anything at all . . . . Ian felt that his darling grandson was a bit pitiful.
As Ian and Chris rushed to the building where Edgar lived at the fastest speed, Edgar put the egg on the bed and then took its photo and uploaded it online. "The child was born."
On the star network, the netizens were still talking about the crown prince  deleting his own post because of the crown princess’ comment. While they were discussing whether the crown prince was a henpecked male or not, they discovered that the crown prince had made another post.
The child was born? You’re joking, right? How could it be so fast?
Generally, when a sub-beastman gave birth to his first child, it would take seven or eight hours, ah. How come the crown princess suddenly gave birth when he was still online not long ago? Moreover, although the crown princess’ belly stuck out, but it was actually not big at all. On the contrary, it was a little small . . . . How could he gave birth when it looked like he was only two-month pregnant, ah?!
The most important point was, how could someone give birth to a child at home and then casually put him on the bed? The Imperial family, with great difficulty, finally got a little prince; why wouldn’t they use the best incubator in the entire Beastman Empire?
"Your Imperial Highness, you can make a joke, too?"
"Your Imperial Highness, did you get laughed at too much by us and want to deceive us now?"
"Your Imperial Highness, your home bed sheet is very nice!"
"I think it should be the crown princess who posts the picture!"

. . . . . .

Various kinds of comments sprung up on Edgar's personal homepage. When people still considered this egg as fake, the Imperial family suddenly issued a formal photo of the entire family.
The emperor, the empress, the crown prince, the crown princess, and an egg took a photo together. The photo was published on the Imperial family’s personal homepage, and it was stated that the Imperial family had added a son to the family.



The crown princess unexpectedly really gave birth to a child!
Their crown princess’ pregnancy was sudden, and the childbirth was even more sudden!
There were so many things happened today, ah!
"I won’t be able to sleep tonight. How can I fall asleep when I’m so excited this late at night?"
"It obviously has nothing to do with me, but I actually can’t help feeling excited!"
"The Imperial family has a little prince. The crown princess is so young and already gave birth to a child for the crown prince. Can he still give birth to a few more in the future?"
"It’d be great if the child’s a sub-beastman. He must be very cute."
. . . . . .

There were blessings everywhere on the Internet. Many shops even directly offered 20% discount on the whole merchandise to celebrate the sudden birth of the little prince.
Some restaurants that already closed for the night reopened. "Are you hungry? To celebrate the birth of the little prince, all takeouts from this store are free of delivery charge!"

It was obviously already late at night, but the entire capital star suddenly became lively.
Jones also saw the news on the Internet and did not hesitate to turn round and got onto the aircraft.
Shu Shu was clearly pregnant, yet he actually didn’t see it, so he naturally felt guilty. He originally intended to go apologize and make amends tomorrow. As a result . . . Shu Shu already gave birth tonight?
Jones lived in the Imperial palace since he began teaching Shu Shu medical expertise, so it didn't take long for him to arrive at Edgar's residence. And at this time, Shu Shu was eating.
He had eaten a lot before, but he was hungry again after giving birth to the child, and thus his appetite was very big right now. Ian, who was standing on the side and watching him eat, felt a bit at a loss.
Generally, sub-beastmen who had just given birth would only drink some soup or decoction of medicinal herbs and nothing more. In any case, they had to do that for a week before they could eat and drink as much as they liked. Was it really no problem for Shu Shu to ate so much after he had just given birth?
"Mother, what's wrong?" Shu Shu, realizing that Ian had been staring at him, asked in confusion.
"Shu Shu, is there any part of you that feels uncomfortable?" Ian asked worriedly.
"No." Shu Shu shook his head. Every little bit of spiritual power that Edgar got was swiftly given to him. The lacerations on his body from childbirth were already healed.
Shu Shu's complexion was ruddy, and his appetite was very good. It seemed that he really didn’t have any problem at all. Ian reached out with his hand and stroked Shu Shu’s hair. "Shu Shu’s really amazing! It’s absolutely Edgar’s good luck to be able to marry you."

"I also think so." Shu Shu nodded seriously.
"Mother, don't grope him." Edgar stopped Ian's hand.
"We’re both sub-beastmen. Must you be so concerned?" Ian stared at his own son, speechless.
Edgar did not reply. Shu Shu . . . could be considered to be a beastman, ok!
"How’s the child?" Jones immediately asked after coming in.
"The child’s situation is the same as before. There’s no way to examine him with the instrument." Edgar said. Usually, after a sub-beastman’s egg was born, you could immediately check the inside with an instrument to know whether it was a beastman or a sub-beastman. However, the situation inside the egg that Shu Shu gave birth to simply couldn’t be checked.
"This child must be very powerful." Jones said. Then he also apologized to Shu Shu, "I'm sorry. I misdiagnosed you before." Shu Shu was obviously pregnant, but it was actually not figured out by him . . . .

"It’s all right. He’s not like an ordinary child; that’s why you’d get it wrong." Contrary to what one might expect, Shu Shu hardly cared about it. He himself did not figure out that this was actually a child, so how could he count on Jones to figure it out? "However, I’m afraid I can't go to the fallen beast planet. At least, I must wait until the child comes out before I can go." After an ordinary child was born, it would take three or four months to hatch, and the parents could leave in the interim. However, their child grew very fast and might suddenly pop out just after a few days, so he simply couldn’t rashly leave. Besides, he still had to do prenatal education!

"It's okay. They’ve been like that for so many years." Jones laughed lightly. He had been waiting for so many years; waiting a little bit longer was no problem . . . . In any case, he couldn’t force Shu Shu to accompany him to the fallen beast planet, could he?
Everyone was talking, and several robots suddenly began to bring in an endless stream of things to the villa where Edgar lived.

Everything that should have been prepared ahead of time before a child was born, such as an incubator and so on, was finally delivered!

The white egg was wrapped in soft cotton cloth and then put in the incubator. Edgar stared at the egg and couldn't help but start taking pictures of it.
How come his egg was so cute?
Shu Shu also liked this egg very much. Leaning forward beside the incubator, he watched his own egg. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. Moving close to give it a kiss, he then took out a book and began to read a story to the egg in the incubator.
Before, he always missed the earth and wanted to return to it. But now, as he looked at this somewhat strange-looking egg and then glanced at Edgar, he suddenly felt that living here was also great.
He liked Edgar and also liked his own egg.
This evening, many people didn't go to sleep and went to join the festivity instead. And the biggest festivity was undoubtedly initiated by the Imperial family.
After Chris left Edgar and Shu Shu’s place yesterday, he started to sent out red envelopes on the star network. Not to mention that everyone could go and grab it, they could also grab a lot of money . . . .
Previously, thinking that he would have no offspring, Chris took out a lot of money and planned to donate it for the exploration and development of new planets. As a result, a grandson suddenly sprung up at this time . . . . He then decisively used this fund to sent out red envelopes. At the same time, he also decided to invest ten billion in Gass planet to build it into a tourist planet and connect it to the star network.
Gass planet, it was truly a good place.
"The Imperial family’s too rich. I actually grabbed a big red envelope of a thousand credits!"
"My luck’s not so good, but I still grabbed two hundred credits in the end!"
"I managed to grab more than two thousand, ha ha ha ha!"
"I’m not in the capital star, so the net speed isn’t good. I only grabbed tens of credits T_T."
. . . . . .

Everywhere on the Internet was talking about the little prince. Each and every website hung a celebration banner, and almost everyone was discussing the newborn little prince.
During such a nationwide festivity, another person and another matter were inevitably neglected.
When the crown prince was injured, it was deliberately done by someone. Later, the blackening of the crown prince’s reputation and the attack against the crown princess by Donald were also the work of this person.
This news had already been released, and many people had seen it. However, compared with the news of the birth of the little prince, everyone clearly didn’t attach great importance to it and only thought that this sub-beastman Jonathan was simply an unfathomable mystery.
"What did he want to do? If it’s in ancient times, you can still say that you want to seize the throne. What does he gain from doing such things in this era, ah?"
"Yeah, the good duchess is improper and actually became a wanted criminal!"
“Previous poster, you thought too simple. He gained something from doing such things. If the crown prince passes away, the Imperial family will have no heir . . . . Won’t it be his turn then? "
“Such a thought’s too horrible! ”

. . . . . .

People kept talking about it, and, looking at these arguments, Chris and Edgar’s moods were not so good.
"Was he caught?" Edgar asked.
"No, his private spaceship is very fast and well-equipped. Now that he has a mind to hide, we’re simply unable to catch him." Chris said.
Edgar frowned upon hearing this and asked again, "Have his subordinates who hid in the capital star been caught?"

"All have been caught." Chris nodded and then said, "The matter this time, I don't want to blow it up. I feel like I’ve wronged you."
"It’s fine." Edgar said.

Even though the matter of Jonathan wanting to kill him was made public, but it was not blown up. There was a reason for this—Chris didn’t want to blow the matter up and make it too ugly; after all, if it was really blown up, it would directly embarrass the Imperial family. 

Although Jonathan was a nobleman, but his parents were declining nobility. The Imperial family had raised him and educated him until he had become the most outstanding sub-beastman in the capital star and been able to marry the Duke of Mund.
Now, this person actually plotted against Edgar’s life . . . . If the matter was really blown up, Chris was afraid that various wild speculations would come out.
Chris hated him so much, but he still had to control the public opinion in the end.
Of course, even if the matter was not publicized, that person definitely had to be arrested. Chris even already collected a lot of criminal charges and intended to make him spend the rest of his life in prison.
Jonathan knew nothing at all about Chris’ thoughts.
As a sub-beastman who once had been even more eye-catching than Myer, Jonathan’s clothing, food, housing, and transport had always been exquisite, but now he was curling up in a very small, dark basement; his hair was a complete mess, and his clothes had not been changed for one day and one night.
That’s right, Jonathan did not leave the capital star, and the one who stayed aboard the leaving spaceship was just his substitute.
If he escaped in his private spaceship, the spaceship might be shot down inadvertently. And if he left the capital star, there would be nowhere he could go . . . . Naturally, it was impossible for him to escape like this.
Of course, the most important thing was that what he wanted to do had not yet been accomplished.
He had plotted for so many years and sacrificed so much. Now he was even burdened by the criminal charge of conspiring to murder the member of the Imperial family. He would never be able to go back to his past life in this lifetime . . . . He was already like this, but why did the people he hated still have a bright and neat life and receive people’s love and respect?
The anonymous communication device on his hand flashed a faint light. Looking at the photograph of the whole family posted by the Imperial family displayed on the screen of his communication device, Jonathan's gaze was cold. He ultimately took out a knife and abruptly stabbed it onto Ian's face.
After the communication device was pierced by the knife, it sparked and then broke. Jonathan took out another communication device and continued to read the news online.
Edgar’s beast was not lost at all . . . . Ian had told him that in order to entrap him and make him show his hand.
Jonathan knew that Ian was never as simple as he looked.
If it hadn't been for Ian, he wouldn't have fallen onto the current plight, and he would never have lived like this either . . . . Extending his hand, Jonathan touched Chris’ face, which was displayed on the communication device.
Chris definitely still had feelings for him, or else how could the news about him on the Internet get suppressed so much? If it hadn’t been for Ian, he would have been the empress now.
Jonathan’s eyes were filled with hatred. He was silent for a long time and finally moved.
Taking a bit of food out of the space button to eat, he walked to the side and then started to tap furiously on a computer.
He already became a wanted criminal and was doomed to have nothing at all. He absolutely wouldn’t be able to live a fugitive life, so he might as well stake everything he got.
Besides, if worst came to worst, he would just die, and he still could drag Ian to die with him.
Jonathan’s face suddenly showed a strange smile.
When Jonathan was tapping on a computer in the basement, Shu Shu and Edgar huddled together to give the egg the prenatal education.
"Baby, you definitely mustn’t grow up into a snake. If you grow up into a snake, your mother will be afraid. If your mother’s afraid, he won’t be able to hold you . . ." Shu Shu was "patiently and systematically guiding” his son.
Edgar felt uncomfortable.

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