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62. Shu Shu is Pregnant

When Donald was looking at his communication device, Shu Shu and Synthia ordered the dishes they wanted. Shu Shu’s appetite was very good recently. He had long been hungry and so ordered a lot, including the dishes he had eaten the last time Edgar had brought him here and the dishes that looked pretty good. 
"Donald, it's your turn to order." Shu Shu gave the electronic menu to Donald.
Hearing Shu Shu’s words, Donald looked up, the corners of his mouth curling up with a tender smile. "Won’t you order a few more?"
"I’ve already ordered a lot, but those all are for me and Synthia to eat. If you want to eat, you order yourself." Shu Shu said. Synthia had a small appetite, so it did not matter if he shared some of the dishes he had ordered with Synthia. However, even if Donald wanted to eat something he ordered, a beastman’s appetite was too big, and the dishes wouldn’t be enough.
Donald saw admiration for him in Shu Shu’s eyes, but the admiration did not contain any ambiguous feeling. He mentally sighed. The time was indeed too short after all.
If the time was a bit longer, he would definitely be able to get this sub-beastman’s favorable impression and also make him eat his beast bead . . . . Donald took the electronic menu, but his mind was not on the menu at all.
Him approaching Shu Shu was premeditated.
After marrying the crown prince, this crown princess lived in the seclusion of his own home and seldom came out. He didn't even go to school or contact any of his friends . . . or maybe he simply didn't have any friends. Anyway, it was very difficult to approach him, but they still found a way.
The crown princess had a classmate called Synthia, and it could be said that Synthia’s family was a mess.
After they investigated the situation of Synthia's family, they found a mine owner from a remote planet and thought of a way to make him meet Viscount Morton.
This mine owner was willing to give Viscount Morton a large sum of money just to be able to take Synthia as his wife . . . . Such a lure, Viscount Morton absolutely couldn’t refuse it. In addition, someone intentionally or unintentionally mentioned in front of Viscount Morton that he had better married Synthia off, so as to avoid Synthia retaliating against him in the future . . . . Viscount Morton was even more eager to “get rid of” Synthia.
Taking advantage of the newly-wed crown princess who completely stopped paying attention to his old classmate, the Mortons was going to send Synthia away to marry on a remote planet that was difficult to contact from the capital star . . . . At that time, not to mention that they could get a large sum of money, they could also make Synthia unable to retaliate against them. It’s great, wasn’t it?
After discussing the price with that mine owner, Viscount Morton then locked Synthia up, waiting for that mine owner to leave the capital star and take Synthia away.
At this time, they tackled another task.
Among Donald's comrades, there was a hacker expert. That man might be at his wit’s end against the defense system of the Imperial palace, but he could easily break through the defense system of Viscount Morton's home. And controlling the Mortons’ robots was practically a very, very simple thing for him.
Synthia at last had an opportunity to contact Shu Shu, and when Shu Shu went to save Synthia, Donald, very naturally, appeared before Shu Shu . . . . Donald tapped on his communication device a few times, and when he thought of Viscount Morton, the corners of his mouth curled up with a wisp of a sardonic smile.
Viscount Morton could have never thought that his fear would land him to his present plight. Anyway, it was an opportunity for someone who wanted to approach Shu Shu, right?
After he approached Shu Shu by means of this matter, he began to implement his own plan—seducing Shu Shu.
He was outstanding in appearance, strong in strength, and very good at pleasing sub-beastmen. In the past, as long as he took a fancy to any sub-beastmen, they all soon would be caught by him. Unfortunately, although Shu Shu had a good opinion on him now, but he remained unmoved . . . .
The time was really too short . . . .
Donald chose the “please do not disturb” option on the menu with some regret. After that, he took out a few tiny flying robots that were no bigger than a fingernail.
He waved his hand, and all those tiny robots flew into the air.
"What are those?" Shu Shu always had sharp ears and keen eyes, so he naturally found these little things immediately and curiously watched them fly by.
"Micro-robots for taking pictures and shooting videos. I finally have a chance to come to the Imperial Plaza to eat, so of course I must photograph the whole thing." Donald looked at Shu Shu, all smiles.
Shu Shu glanced at those micro-robots that were flying around the room or had planted themselves on the surrounding walls and nodded in understanding.
One of his former owners was a photography maniac. No matter what he was doing, he would take a photo and send it to his microblog or his circle of friends. Shu Shu didn’t expect that Donald also have this kind of hobby.
Only, was it necessary to use so many micro-robots just to take some souvenir photos?
Shu Shu looked at Donald with some doubts, but he did not know that at this time, the anchor of a very lively room on the star network's largest live broadcast platform suddenly disappeared from sight, and then the view switched to the situation inside their room.
The anchor of that room was a sub-beastman actor who was very famous in the Beastman Empire. He was originally singing a song and suddenly got disconnected. His fans were all very dissatisfied, but before they had a chance to question the live broadcast platform, they suddenly discovered that the scene had changed into a sub-beastman who actually looked exactly the same as the crown princess.
No, this was not the case of looking exactly the same, ah. This was clearly the crown princess.
So the sudden change of the live broadcast scene was in fact giving them an Easter egg? Letting them have a chance to see the crown princess’ daily life?
"Aaaah! That's the crown princess, ah! After the wedding, I finally saw him again!"
"Why did Momo stop singing?"
"The place where the crown princess is staying . . . . That’s the Imperial Plaza, right? You look at that decoration. It’s really so luxurious!”
“I can actually watch the live broadcast of the crown princess dining with others, ah! It’s great!”
. . . . . .

The live broadcast viewers who suddenly found that the scene had changed unexpectedly didn’t become completely angry. Instead, they were very excited. At the same time, they incessantly called their friends and family, looking for companions to watch the live broadcast together.
There were more and more people in the live broadcast room, and not only that, but the scene of several other rooms had also been switched over to the scene of Shu Shu and two other people eating at the Imperial Plaza. It made the netizens confused but also made more and more people come to watch.
Shu Shu didn't know about this situation at all, and right now, Donald was staring at Shu Shu, his expression more and more tender. "Also, I have one thing that needs to be done, and I hope they can help me record this moment that’s, personally, the most important moment to me. "

What was Donald going to do? Shu Shu looked perplexed. Then, Donald in front of him suddenly started to freeze the room over with ice—Donald’s innate skill was exactly freezing things.
"What are you going to do?" Shu Shu looked at Donald guardedly.
Donald, facing Shu Shu and showing a warm smile, suddenly got down on one knee on the floor. The illuminating light and the ice layering the surrounding walls that was flickering with all kinds of brilliant rays made the restaurant looked like a splendid and magnificent house as well as making Donald look all the more loving.

The live broadcast viewers all stared blankly. Why did the crown princess eat together with another beastman instead of with His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince? Also, why was the atmosphere so ambiguous?
"??" Shu Shu stared at Donald with a head full of fog. Just now, he thought Donald was going to do something bad. As a result, Donald suddenly knelt down.
"Your Imperial Highness, I just want you to know my feelings for you." Donald gazed at Shu Shu with eyes full of love.
Shu Shu somewhat had no reaction and automatically asked, "What feelings?"
On the contrary, Synthia understood Donald’s words and cried out in surprise.
"Shu Shu, when I first saw you, I fell in love with you. You’re the most beautiful flower in the plain, the brightest star in the starry sky, the most dazzling gem in this world, and also the most beautiful sub-beastman I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I’m willing to dedicate everything to you.” Donald said. “I love you. If you’re a fish, I’m willing to make a river for you to swim freely. If you’re a tree, I’m willing to become the soil for you to take root. If you are the wind, I’m willing to become a cloud to follow you blow . . . ."

Donald looked very handsome, and his voice was also very pleasant to hear. Such a big and handsome guy actually confessed to himself on bended knee. Even if Shu Shu, as a matter of fact, didn't like him at all, but he would also be happy because the vanity in his heart was satisfied.
Shu Shu was very happy. Although such flattering remarks were a bit corny, but listening to them made people feel good, ah! That guy Edgar certainly wouldn’t say such words.
As a result, he listened all along until Donald stopped.
"You don’t say?" Shu Shu asked.
Noticing Shu Shu’s pleased expression, Donald’s eyes were brimming with joyful thoughts. "In my eyes, no one can compare to you. I simply don't know how to describe my love for you . . . . Shu Shu, are you willing to accept me?"

Countless people saw Donald's confession at the same time through the live broadcast.
When people who had been admiring the good looks of the crown princess and the fine decoration of the Imperial Plaza saw this scene, they all had the feeling of "WTF?!".
What the hell did they see? Someone confessed to the crown princess, and the crown princess still looked like he really enjoyed it.
"What’s going on here? What the hell is going on here?"
"Fuck! Someone actually confessed to the crown princess. The crown princess is His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince’s!"
"Even if this man is very handsome, I still despise him for being the other man!"
"The crown princess actually looked very happy to be complimented. So disgusting!"
"How could this sub-beastman be like this! Does he want to betray His Imperial Highness?"
. . . . . .

People were very excited, and some people began to wonder what the hell was going on with this live broadcast. Could it be that some hacker found out that the crown princess had an affair and decided to show it to everyone?
The people on the star network were boiling. The content of the live broadcast had been changed without so much as a by-your-leave, but the live broadcast viewers had actually doubled and were even very excited.
Edgar was talking with Chris when his communication device suddenly rang. He opened it, and Calvin’s voice rushed out from it. “Edgar! It’s bad! You quickly go to the star network and see. Someone confessed to your sub-beastman! I suspect it’s a conspiracy!"

Someone confessed to Shu Shu? Edgar stared blankly and immediately opened the star network.
The outside was already in an uproar, but the frozen room was still quiet. Donald, kneeling on the floor, was still waiting for Shu Shu's response. "Shu Shu, I know that I’m a little impulsive, but if I don't speak now, I may not have another chance to confess to you in the future. Can you accept my love?"

"Of course not. I don't like you." Shu Shu answered directly and then said a few words of praise, "But you really have a good taste! And your literary talent is also very good." Those words this man had said just now was really very wonderful. Shu Shu decided to memorize them and then tell Edgar about them when he went back.

"Why don't you like me?" Donald stared at Shu Shu with disappointment.
"Why on earth would I like you?" Shu Shu asked in reply. He was not familiar at all with this Donald, so why on earth would he like him?
"Is it because of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince?" A deep sadness appeared in Donald’s eyes.
Shu Shu thought for a moment and nodded. "Yeah! I like him, and I definitely don't like you."
The people on the star network all saw the dialogue between Shu Shu and Donald. Seeing Shu Shu reject Donald without the slightest hesitation, those who had just complained about Shu Shu now had a good impression of Shu Shu again. In addition, people began to comment, "The crown princess isn’t dressed up today. He looks so small and exquisite and so cute!"
"The crown princess was so cute when answering, and his gaze was clear."
"The crown princess looked really charming when admitting that he liked His Imperial Highness."
“I really want to take a bite of the crown princess!”
. . . . . .

Edgar got connected to the star network. He was barely online when he heard Shu Shu’s confession, and his mood instantly became better. But as he browsed the comments below, his expression became gloomy again.
Edgar closed the star network and walked out right away. "Father, that Donald has a problem. I’m going to find Shu Shu!" There was definitely a problem with a live broadcast like this suddenly appearing on the star network. Donald was that person’s man; it was impossible that his confession to Shu Shu was genuine . . . .
Edgar frowned deeply—Shu Shu’s body was not too good now; he was afraid that Shu Shu would have an accident with Donald there . . . .
Once Edgar thought about it, he was even more impatient. At the same time, he started to look for people through his communication device.
On his communication device, Calvin, who had just contacted him, was on the first row, but this time, he did not go and contact this best friend whom he once trusted very much.
"I’m going to catch that person." Chris also said. Before, he was still thinking that he shouldn’t inadvertently alert the enemy in advance since he wanted to solve the problem at one fell swoop. However, looking at the current situation, that enemy might have already known something.
The two of them quickly left, but the live broadcast on the internet still continued.
After Shu Shu rejected Donald, Donald looked very hurt. He bowed his head and was silent for a while before he suddenly raised his head and faced Shu Shu again. "Shu Shu, you like His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince, but does His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince like you?"

Shu Shu nodded without the slightest hesitation. "He certainly likes me!" Edgar liked him, desperately and seriously liked him!
"Are you really sure?" Donald asked again.
"Of course I’m sure!" Shu Shu replied.
"No, he doesn’t love you. If it were not for him not having the beast bead, why would he marry you?" Donald said. "Shu Shu, he doesn't sincerely like you. Only I who’s sincere to you."
"What nonsense are you talking about?!" Shu Shu frowned, thinking that Donald had some problem. Whether Edgar liked him or not, what was the relationship with the beast bead? When Edgar liked him, the beast bead had not yet been lost by him!
"Edgar's beast bead is gone, isn't it?" Donald asked, watching Shu Shu closely.
Suddenly being questioned like this, Shu Shu inevitably revealed a guilty expression and even subconsciously asked, "How do you know?" Edgar's beast bead was lost by him. Others shouldn't have known about this matter, right?
Seeing Shu Shu’s expression, Donald couldn't help but feel like laughing. Edgar's beast beast . . . was actually really gone!
Donald did not know what those people who had known about this matter would think now . . . . But he persisted and said again, "He didn't have the beast bead and still married you. Do you dare to say that he loves you? He’s doing harm to you with this. Because you don't have a background, you can get controlled by him. That’s why he’d choose you and marry you."
Shu Shu looked very lost. He completely didn’t understand the meaning of Donald’s words.
And everyone who was watching the live broadcast was already stupefied.
What did they hear? The crown prince actually didn’t have the beast bead? So the reason why he would go and marry this sub-beastman who came from a remote planet was actually because he did not have the beast bead?
"This isn’t true, right?"
"I don't believe it!"
"This man made things up, right?"
"Look at the crown princess’ expression. It seems to be true, ah . . . ."
. . . . . .

Shu Shu was someone who showed everything on his face. Everyone clearly saw his guilty expression before and then his lost expression now . . . . Everyone understood that he became like this because he was too grief-stricken.
Every beastman of the Beastman Empire was very compassionate toward sub-beastmen. The sub-beastmen themselves would stick together when their companions were hurt. For a time, everyone actually started to sympathized with Shu Shu and made a complaint against the crown prince.
"Oh my God!"
"This shouldn’t be true, right?"
"How could His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince do such things?!"
. . . . . .

People were very angry and wanted to say something, but they didn’t even have a chance to say anything, and the plot already moved on. Moreover, it went to a strange direction in a mad rush!
When people were still sympathizing with Shu Shu, Donald took out his own beast bead. "Shu Shu, I love you, and I’m willing to use the beast bead to prove my love for you."

What development was this? Shu Shu felt that he might have misunderstood the meaning of the beast bead . . . .
When Edgar gave him the beast bead at that time, he didn’t know that what Edgar gave him was the beast bead. He even thought that it was the same as the red bead in his body because he had not learned about the beast bead. Later, after realizing that what Edgar gave him the other day was the beast bead, he, keeping an escape mentality, was even more reluctant to perform an in-depth investigation since the beast bead was already gone.
Looking at the situation now . . . this beast bead seemed to have a different meaning?
No matter how special the beast bead was in the end, right now Shu Shu absolutely didn’t like and even loathed Donald’s beast bead.
He had been in contact with Donald for a while, and he originally still had a good opinion on Donald, but the odor emitted by Donald's beast bead made him feel very disgusted.
Shu Shu immediately turned his head away. "I don't want to."
Donald still looked at Shu Shu with a gentle expression, eyes still showing a deep love, but then he abruptly stood up and grabbed Shu Shu’s arm. "Shu Shu, please accept it."

It was impossible to use a forceful method to compel a sub-beastman to ingest the beast bead. If the sub-beastman did not accept the beastman’s beast bead, he could spit it out directly. Therefore, the beastman could only be soft. Because of this, Donald maintained the image of being deeply in love from beginning to end in front of Shu Shu. "Shu Shu, the crown prince doesn’t love you, but I love you, and I’m willing to give you the beast bead. Would you go with me? We can give birth to many children and have a sub-beastman who’s as pretty as you . . ."

Shu Shu frowned and felt nauseous. He felt uncomfortable from head to toe. "You, let go of my hand!"
"I won’t let go!" Donald looked at Shu Shu with a firm gaze while sending his own beast bead into Shu Shu's mouth.
His contact time with Shu Shu was too short. He did not dare to guarantee that Shu Shu would accept his beast bead, but he felt that the possibility was not small.
He was very attractive. Furthermore, as long as Shu Shu did not hate him, the beast bead would probably take root after entering Shu Shu’s stomach . . . .  Thinking so, Donald reached out with his hand to restrain Shu Shu.
Right at this moment, he suddenly received a thump and then got beaten up.
Shu Shu punched Donald out and retched two times before asking a question, "What do you think you’re doing?!" He initially didn't want to beat people up. After all, he had a pretty good impression of Donald. Moreover, this man only confessed his feelings to him. It was unreasonable for him to go and beat this man up.

But just now, he felt Donald's malice against him.
Shu Shu couldn't help but shiver slightly as he watched Donald guardedly . . . . In the past, he rarely fought with people, and even if he was fighting with people, he used his hamster form. Now, he practically didn't know how to fight. Should this man harbored malicious intentions  . . . what’s to be done, ah.
Donald was startled by Shu Shu’s powerful punch. But when he saw Shu Shu’s appearance now, he felt that it was probably his own carelessness that allowed him to get hit by Shu Shu, or maybe Shu Shu carried a defensive equipment on his body that could do that sort of thing.
He had already wasted a lot of time with Shu Shu, and the live broadcast had also been aired for a while. He was afraid that the crown prince would soon come. Although he had used his innate skill to seal this room, but if a few strong people came, they could still easily smashed the door open . . . .
Right now, the only way out for him was to capture Shu Shu and take Shu Shu as a hostage!
Donald no longer hid himself and no longer pretended to be deeply in love. He directly pounced on Shu Shu, intending to catch Shu Shu, and the momentum on his body suddenly became stronger.
"Ah!" Shu Shu jumped in fright and, concentrating all the spiritual power he possessed in his hands, struck against Donald crazily until both swinging hands produced an afterimage.
When he was a hamster, he had experience with similar fights. At the moment, his mouth couldn't bite, but he could grab and scratch and scratch!
Of course, the most important thing was spiritual power! He already had a daemon core, so the robust spiritual power could help him fight!
Shu Shu basically didn't care about what fighting style and only knew to strike crazily. When he came back to himself, he suddenly discovered that Donald had been beaten by him until he retreated against the side wall. Donald’s face was bloody, and the clothes on his body were torn up. His gaping mouth was still spitting out a mouthful of blood, but his gaze were firmly fixed on Shu Shu.
Shu Shu saw astonishment and rancor mixing in the other party’s gaze and did not hesitate to send a kick toward Donald’s vital parts.
Donald's whole person hunched up to cover his vital parts and then fell in a heap on the floor, shuddering incessantly.
The people on the star network were all stupefied.
What the hell did they see? A sub-beastman . . . actually knocked down a beastman and even employed such a savage way!
Everyone who was watching the live broadcast, whether it was a beastman or a sub-beastman, felt that a certain part of them ached dully. They didn’t even know what to say, so one ellipsis after another were sent out just like that.
Since when was a sub-beastman actually so savage?
Of course, other people’s stupefaction couldn’t compare with Donald’s. He never imagined that the hostage whom he thought could be easily captured could actually beat him up until he became like this.
The acute pain affecting his body was incomparable, and the whole person curled up and was unable to get a word out. He eventually couldn't help but turn into his beast form.
Because he turned into his beast form, his clothes were ripped apart. And so, a huge tiger was lying down in the private room of the restaurant, and, without the cover of the underwear, everyone could see his swollen balls.
That one kick from the sub-beastman was really very powerful!
The people on the star network were all dumbfounded, but in the end, some people nevertheless came back to themselves and eventually stopped posting ellipsis and wrote some comments instead.
"Such a powerful sub-beastman . . . is His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince able to afford him?"
"I’ve checked on the Internet. This Donald’s seven-star beastman. A seven-star beastman . . . was knocked down by the crown princess."

"Can His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince be beaten?"
. . . . . .

One by one, the beastmen began to rejoice. They were glad they had never harmed any sub-beastmen. And the sub-beastmen, they were very excited at this moment and full of worship toward Shu Shu.
The crown princess was really so amazing! Who was Myer? The crown princess was the most amazing sub-beastman!
Myer's achievements, excluding his identity as a duke’s son, other sub-beastmen might also achieve them, but the crown princess . . . . Since ancient times, there had never been such a powerful sub-beastman!
Just as everyone was looking at Shu Shu worshippingly, Shu Shu, however, noticed the huge tiger and screamed in fear. After that, he decisively ran to the other end of the room and started to shiver.
After he was almost eaten by the tiger last time, he was now very afraid of tigers, ah! Also . . .  when he went wild just now, he used up his spiritual power, and now he had no spiritual power at all . . . .
In a flash, Shu Shu got really frightened, and his eyes reddened. "Edgar . . ." Edgar, quickly come and save him, ah!

Shu Shu was just thinking like this when the door of the room was smashed open with a loud "bang". At the same time, Edgar rushed in. "Shu Shu!"
"Edgar!" Shu Shu threw himself at Edgar excitedly and started to bawl. “How come you’ve only arrived now, ah! That guy’s going to hit me!”

Your Imperial Highness the Crown Princess, that man who was going to hit you was all beaten up until he was not in a human form anymore, and you still showed such a weak appearance. Were you really all right? Once again, a bunch of ". . ." floated on the star network, and everyone who saw the crown princess burst into tears and sob pathetically was already speechless.
Edgar, however, was different. He knew how small Shu Shu's courage was and was extremely distressed right now. "It's okay, it’s okay. It's all my fault for arriving late."

"Edgar, I feel unwell." Shu Shu pursed his brows, his face pale.
"What's wrong? Where is it uncomfortable?" Edgar asked worriedly.
"My stomach hurts." Shu Shu said while covering his belly with the hand. After his spiritual power was exhausted, his stomach began to feel uncomfortable and throb with pain.
When Edgar had not yet arrived, he could still endure it. Now that Edgar was here, he couldn't help but be unwilling to endure it.

"Doctor! Come and help examine Shu Shu!" Edgar said loudly. He had called some people while on the way here. Although these people were a step slower than him when hurrying in, but they should be here now.
Sure enough, Edgar’s voice just fell, and a doctor and several beastmen ran in. The beastmen went to arrest Donald, and the doctor came to Shu Shu’s side.
"Shu Shu has a tumor growing in his stomach. His stomach hurts now. You quickly help examine him!" Edgar looked at the doctor anxiously.
The doctor immediately take out the examination device and started to give Shu Shu an examination, and then his expression became more and more weird. “A tumor? His Imperial Highness the Crown Princess doesn’t have a tumor; he’s pregnant.”


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