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51. Myer vs. Shu Shu

The Beastman Empire was very vast and had countless planets; Julian’s identity was simply nothing in it.

He originally didn’t manage to receive the invitation card from the Imperial family. In addition, his behavior last time of offending Shu Shu in the Imperial Plaza made him realize that there was no invited person who dared to bring him to attend the banquet.
He thought he was already doomed to have no chance to go to the banquet in the Imperial palace. He didn't expect that Myer actually asked him to go . . . .
Who was Myer? He was the only son of the Duke of Grote, one of the three archdukes of the Empire!
Myer was two years younger than the crown prince. He grew up together with the crown prince from childhood, and the relationship between the two of them was very good. The crown prince never gave face to other sub-beastmen, but he was nevertheless quite nice to Myer.

Of course, these were not the important points.
The most important point was that Myer was very, very remarkable.
When Myer was still quite young, he joined a few talent competitions of the Beastman Empire and got first place. He was publicly known to be multi-talented and was two years younger than Edgar when taking the Imperial College’s entrance exam at the same time as Edgar. Edgar was the beastman who got first place in the exam, and he was the sub-beastman who got first place.
In the Imperial College, Edgar majored in command and minored in mech and combat, and his grades were always in the lead. As for Myer, he majored in mech manufacture and minored in politics and weapons design, and he also ranked among the best, same as Edgar.
Less than thirty years old this year, Myer was already a famous mech master of the Empire. He had even designed one kind of ammunition that was recognized by the military and eventually became the standard weapon of the military. His excellence was unquestionable.
He was so talented and so outstanding, but that’s not all. The people of the Grote family all had a taste for beauty. When seeking a marriage partner, beauty was simply a must, so the genes from generation to generation were optimized. As a result, his appearance was even more outstanding.

Every person's aesthetic was different. Myer was not necessarily the most beautiful in everyone's eyes, but no one could say that he was not beautiful. And his temperament, even other flattering sub-beastmen could not compare with him.
In the Beastman Empire, if Edgar was acknowledged as the most brilliant beastman, then Myer was absolutely acknowledged as the most brilliant sub-beastman.
There were often some sub-beastmen shouting on the star network that they wanted to marry the crown prince and give birth to the crown prince’s children, but in fact, those sub-beastmen only shouted for fun, and many among them had probably been married already . . . . Really, when it came to that, everyone always thought that the best match for Edgar was Myer.
The masses didn't know much; although they would think so, but it was merely a thought for them. However, in Myer’s upper-class circle, there were actually many people who were already certain that these two people would be together. They felt that if it were not for Edgar serving in the army all the time and Myer concentrating on his career, they might have been together a long time ago.
It was also because of this that when Shu Shu, the empress’ relative, entered and lived in the Imperial palace, no one would take him seriously.
Shu Shu’s tone of voice was not good when asking Synthia "who the heck is Myer", and then Synthia raved about Myer's background. Finally, Synthia also excitedly stated, "Myer is indeed the idol of all sub-beastmen! I admire him the most!”
Done talking and discovering that Shu Shu’s face looked pretty bad,   Synthia felt a bit embarrassed. "But now, I admire you the most, Shu Shu! I think you’re much better than Myer."

This was clearly just comforting him! Shu Shu gave Synthia a doubtful glance and absolutely refused to believe that Myer could really be so amazing. "He’s really so amazing? He must be really capable to be so . . ." Edgar probably had long liked him, right?

Thinking about it, Shu Shu took out his communication device and started to search.
He searched Myer, and all kinds of news about Myer came out. After tapping open the profile, he saw various kinds of awards Myer had received from childhood to adulthood.

So many awards they were practically too many to count! Among these, there were even some awards he couldn’t tell coming from what competition!
Shu Shu, looking at these, felt his heart extremely uncomfortable. How was this Myer so amazing? It’s fine if he was only very amazing, but he also looked good!
Myer and Edgar were completely two different types. In fact, Shu Shu did not like Myer’s type at all, but even so, Shu Shu also couldn’t act against his conscience and say that Myer was ugly. He even had to admit that Myer was the best looking sub-beastman he had seen so far. 

"Myer’s really so amazing!" Synthia said again.
Shu Shu was somewhat dispirited and downcast. "Yeah . . ."
Synthia saw Shu Shu not too happy and hurriedly said, "Anyway, Shu Shu, you can rest assured that although Myer’s very amazing and has stayed beside His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince for so long, but His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and him aren’t together and also haven’t gotten engaged. His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince most likely doesn’t like him."
Shu Shu listened to Synthia's words and nodded. Edgar also said before that he liked him, so he definitely didn’t like this Myer.
But he already told Edgar that he was a beastman. Edgar would not like him anymore and would probably like this Myer.
Shu Shu was a little unhappy, but he didn't know why he would be unhappy. For a time, he was inexplicably tied up in knots.
Shu Shu and Synthia stayed in the corner, and their speaking voices were low. Others normally couldn’t hear them, but Myer and Julian happened to come over and nevertheless heard the final sentence in Synthia’s speech very clearly and also saw Shu Shu nodding.
Myer’s steps stopped at once.
He liked Edgar from an early age and had been chasing after Edgar. He had paid a lot in order to be able to become a sub-beastman who was worthy of Edgar, but . . . Edgar had never said anything and even would never get too close to him. Later, so as to prevent Edgar from perceiving his feeling, he alienated himself. He could only repress his feeling strenuously, not daring to reveal it.
It dragged on until this year, and Edgar was already thirty years old. When Myer finally reached the marriageable age, he had his own father negotiate a marriage between their family and the Imperial family . . . . As a result, his father and the emperor had just worked out a solution, intending to call Edgar to return from the front line and to try getting along with him, when Edgar unexpectedly disappeared.
The so-called arranged marriage barely raised its head, and it was already gone. His father went to investigate the cause of Edgar’s accident and learned that everything boded ill and there were no positive signs about Edgar. According to the situation of that time, even if Edgar had been alive, he most likely would’ve self-detonated his magic core later. This and the fact that the military did not found Edgar after searching that planet several times forced him to let go of his feeling towards Edgar. He believed that Edgar was already dead. Broken-hearted, he went to a remote planet to find a mech master to become his apprentice and learn from his skills. He intended to be far from the capital star to let himself forget Edgar . . . .
In the end, he still hadn’t completely forgotten Edgar when Edgar, to everyone’s surprise, came back alive!
After receiving the news, he finished his studies at the fastest speed and hurried back to the capital star . . . . Unexpectedly, he actually found out that a sub-beastman had entered and lived in the Imperial palace.
He had been curious about the sub-beastman in the Imperial palace, but taking the initiative to go and find that sub-beastman was showing too much respect for him . . . .
Therefore, Myer curbed his interest and rested for a few days at home. Taking an opportunity of this banquet, he planned to meet that sub-beastman.
He was very familiar with the Imperial palace. When he was a child, he was in and out of the Imperial palace freely. He came to the banquet early this time . . . . He originally wanted to pay a visit to Ian beforehand, but Julian said he saw Shu Shu . . . .
Myer was always calm and self-controlled, but in the end, he still couldn't restrain himself from wanting to see what exactly Shu Shu looked like.
Others all said that Edgar didn't like Shu Shu, but he still could not let go of his heart and even had a vague premonition all along.
"Edgar didn’t like that Myer before. But he looks so good. What’s to be done if Edgar likes him later?" Shu Shu tried to sort out his complicated mood and felt that he would be unhappy and that he should worry about Edgar paying more attention to a lover than friends. After Edgar liked a sub-beastman, he would not take care of him. "If Edgar likes him and then drives me out . . ."
He was all alone in this Beastman Empire. If he was driven out by Edgar, he would not have any place to go!
Although he always said that Edgar was his disciple, which was indeed true, but Shu Shu also knew that Edgar, up until now, probably still didn’t understand the meaning of master and disciple. Otherwise, how could there be a disciple who declared his love to his master?
"You make Edgar like you, then it’d be fine, ah . . ." Synthia said. Halfway through the speech, his expression suddenly froze—the protagonist he was discussing with Shu Shu, Myer, was actually behind Shu Shu!
Synthia immediately shrank and lower his head. Then he poked Shu Shu . . . Myer was here, ah!
"It’s quite difficult now if I want to make Edgar like me . . ." Shu Shu sighed and asked, "What’s up with you, Synthia?"
"He was scared, I guess." A nice voice rang out behind Shu Shu. Shu Shu turned his head and saw a very good-looking sub-beastman.
Soul shaken, he instantly started and cried, "Myer!"
"Hello, my name is Myer." Myer extended his hand to Shu Shu. It was just a very ordinary action of holding out a hand, but didn’t know why, it looked especially good coming from him.
"You . . . . Hello, I . . . I’m called Shu Shu." Shu Shu also extended his hand. He knew that the Beastman Empire also had a handshaking custom, so he grabbed Myer's hand and shook it a few times.

Julian saw Shu Shu's appearance, and “pfft”, a laugh escaped. A handshake was the most common etiquette in the most common usage between sub-beastmen. The fingertips only touched once, which made the gesture look very elegant. But when it was done by this Shu Shu, it looked crude and also very ridiculous.

He was quite afraid of Shu Shu before, but now . . . seeing this person being no good at doing a common etiquette and thinking that this person had also said that it was quite difficult for Edgar to like him . . . Julian suddenly wasn’t a bit afraid of Shu Shu.
Myer also felt that he had made a big fuss over a minor issue. Looking at this person, who, although cute, but also brash and uncouth, he did not believe that Edgar could really like such a person.
However, Edgar did not like this person, but this person clearly had intentions toward Edgar.

Myer’s impression of Shu Shu was quite bad, but he had already calmed down now and naturally wouldn’t be lacking in manners in the slightest. “I know you’re Uncle Ian’s relative. I’m just about to go pay a visit to Uncle Ian. Do you want to go together?"

When Myer called "Uncle Ian", it was in an extremely intimate voice. Shu Shu was subconsciously a little unhappy and wanted to refuse, but then he remembered that Edgar was there too, so he immediately said, "Yes, I’m going with you.”
Seeing how Shu Shu looked like he was going to go to the battlefield, Myer felt funny. Without saying anything more, he took the lead to go upstairs.
Julian naturally wouldn’t follow up this time and moved back to the side. Synthia also didn’t have the courage to follow up. In the end, only Shu Shu who went up hurriedly, actually looking like Myer’s attendant.

Watching Shu Shu and Myer walking away, Julian gave Synthia a despising glance. "You really have a big nerve, going as far as to talk about Myer!"
Synthia’s eyes reddened, and he did not dare to say a word.
Julian still dreaded Shu Shu, but not Synthia. So now, facing Synthia, all his rage towards Shu Shu was vented out. "Do you think that Shu Shu can really get His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince’s love? Dream on! Haven’t you smelled him? His body absolutely doesn’t have the scent of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince. His Imperial Highness maybe has never touched him!"
After a beastman had close contact with a sub-beastman, he could leave behind his scent on the sub-beastman’s body. But there wasn’t a little bit of scent on Shu Shu’s body . . . .
This was actually Shu Shu’s personal habit. As a hamster that was very conscious of its territory, he couldn’t stand a different scent on his body. Before, if his owner grabbed him, he had to clean himself thoroughly afterwards. Now, when he came upon Edgar’s scent on his body, he would also want to get rid of it . . . .
Of course, he could get rid of that bit of scent because he and Edgar didn't have too much intimate contact and had no reason to exchange bodily fluid.
"Even if His Imperial Highness touched him, what could he do? His Imperial Highness will never give him the beast bead." Julian said. Seeing Synthia look scared, he felt elated, and the anger at his ex-boyfriend from breaking up with him disappeared without a trace in this single instant. Julian was even a little glad that he had not accepted that guy’s beast bead at that time. Otherwise, they would’ve had no other choice but to be tied together.
The beast bead within the beastman’s body, only the beastman himself could take it out, and his ex-boyfriend had once taken out the beast bead, wanting to give it to him.
He was feeling unhappy because of Frank's existence then, so he didn't ingest it . . . . When breaking up before, he kind of regretted not eating it. Now . . . after getting acquainted with Myer, he could definitely find a better beastman.
At this moment, even if that man was determined to stuff the beast bead into his mouth, he could spit it out and not let it put down roots in his body—after a sub-beastman ingested the beast bead, his body would possess a womb that had the ability to conceive, and then, after having intimate contact with the beastman, he could get pregnant, and the embryo would form in the womb; but the sub-beastman could also refuse all of these things.
If the sub-beastman hated the beastman very much, it was absolutely impossible for him to accept the beast bead that had the beastman’s scent and to let the beast bead alter his body. Generally, he would directly spit it out.
Of course, if the sub-beastman loved the beastman very much, then there was no way that he would refuse that beastman’s beast bead . . . . In the history, there was a beastman who just gave the beast bead to the sub-beastman; the sub-beastman had not eaten it yet, and the beast bead directly disappeared from his hand and merged into his body.

Author’s note:

Hahaha, if at that time Shu Shu didn’t swallow Edgar’s beast bead, it’d be dead. Shu Shu’s really stupid.      

When I wrote that part, I was worried that the explanation was too long. So I wasn’t too detailed when introducing the beast bead. Also, some paragraphs from the beastman’s POV caused some misunderstandings, so I tried to explain it again in this chapter.

When writing about the beast bead, I mainly thought of the difference between Shu Shu’s body and a sub-beastman’s body. In the event that sub-beastmen give birth to babies, it’s because they have internal reproduction organs. Shu Shu definitely has no way to get pregnant.
He’s a daemon crossing to a beastman world, but it doesn’t mean that he can suddenly get pregnant. Such thing doesn’t make sense. So, I think of the beast bead in the beastman’s body that can transform a sub-beastman’s body.

Regarding the sub-beastmen of the Beastman Empire, the body itself doesn’t have internal reproductive organs.  The structure of their bodies is the same as that of a human male, but the beast bead can form a womb inside the sub-beastman’s body, allowing the sub-beastman to have the ability to get pregnant so they can produce offspring/later generations. 

Since it’s like this, the key for the sub-beastman to get pregnant is the beast bead. In other words, if an ordinary man eats the beast bead, his body will also be transformed to being able to get pregnant.

In this way, Shu Shu being able to get pregnant is justifiable. 


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